December 9, 2023

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AMD: Studying to let 300 series motherboards support Ryzen 5000 CPU

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AMD: Studying to let 300 series motherboards support Ryzen 5000 CPU


AMD: Studying to let 300 series motherboards support Ryzen 5000 CPU. 

AMD AM4 has persisted with a processor interface for six years, and its products cover from the seventh-generation APU to the fourth-generation Ryzen.


It is an unprecedented conscience, but unfortunately, the first-generation 300 series motherboards have been unable to officially support the latest Ryzen 5000. Series processors.


Although the 300 series motherboards are also AM4 interfaces, due to early design restrictions, they are generally only equipped with 16MB SPI ROM.


There are also great limitations on the BIOS functions that can be stored in such a small space, especially with the increasing number of AM4 processor models , Can’t fit it anymore.


AMD: Studying to let 300 series motherboards support Ryzen 5000 CPU


In order to support new processors and new functions, many manufacturers’ new BIOS either abandoned support for some old processors (seventh-generation APU or entry-level Athlon), or simplified the BIOS graphical interface.


During this period of time, manufacturers have continuously released 300 series motherboards supporting the BIOS of the Ryzen 5000 processor, but they all quickly disappeared, and some experts cracked them, but they could not be used daily.


Now, the dawn seems to have come!


AMD corporate vice president and general manager of customer channel business David McAfee said in an interview recently: “We are definitely studying.

We are not unaware that this is a good thing for players. We are working hard to study how to achieve it.”


He revealed that there have been various discussions on this within AMD. He had three dialogues with the engineering and planning teams on this day to study what can be done to meet the needs of users.


He said: “We will never sit back and know that this is an urgent need for players. We hope to do something right. We are still studying.”


However, he also emphasized that although the interfaces look the same, it is not easy for the old motherboard to support the new processor.

In addition to the BIOS space limitations, there are also product definitions and changes in the motherboard power supply.

The Ryzen 9 5950X cannot be used on the 300 series motherboards. Full performance, there may be other unknown issues.


Regarding the differences in the support of different motherboards, David McAfee explained that they usually provide motherboard manufacturers with complete AGESA codes, and the manufacturers themselves choose which products they support, and then update the BIOS.





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