December 8, 2023

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China 4K/8K video encoding AVS3 40% better than H.265

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China 4K/8K video encoding AVS3 40% better than H.265

China 4K/8K video encoding AVS3 40% better than H.265.

China’s 4K/8K video encoding AVS3 became the world standard for the first time 40% better than H.265.

On July 08, the Digital Video Broadcasting Organization (DVB Project) announced that it has officially approved China’s “AVS3” as one of the next-generation video codec standards in the DVB standard system. This is also the first time that DVB has absorbed Chinese video standards.

China 4K/8K video encoding AVS3 40% better than H.265

The DVB organization is responsible for formulating digital broadcasting technology standards such as satellite, cable, terrestrial and broadband networks, which are widely used around the world. More than 150 organizations in 25 countries have joined the DVB system.

In May 2020, DVB started work on the next-generation codec specification.

In July 2021, DVB announced three candidate codec specifications for 4K /8K broadcast broadband TV , AVS3 being one of them.

Driven by the AVS Industry Alliance, AVS Working Group, Shanghai HiSilicon, Huawei , Shanghai Digital TV National Engineering Research Center, Peking University, Pengcheng Laboratory and other organizations and enterprises bidding for nearly two years, the AVS3 video standard T/AI 109.2-2021, AVS3 system standard T/AI 109.6-2022 was finally recognized by DVB and included in the standard system, and related work was completed 6 months ahead of schedule.

At present, two DVB Blue Book specifications including the AVS3 standard have been revised and approved by the DVB Steering Committee meeting, namely A001 Audio and Video Coding Specification (DVB-AVC), A168 IP Network Adaptive Streaming Media Transmission Specification (DVB-DASH) ).

The new versions of these DVB Blue Book specifications will be released soon, and will further become new versions of the corresponding European Telecommunications Standards Institute standards, namely ETSI TS 101 154 and TS 103 285.

DVB test results show that compared with HEVC (H.265), AVS3 can save 40.09% of the bit rate under the same picture quality, which is praised as one of the most efficient video coding technologies in the world.

In 2002, China established the AVS working group, and the first-generation AVS video coding developed by it was widely used in HDTV and 4K TV broadcasting in China.

The AVS3 UHD video coding standard work was started in December 2017, the main profile was completed in March 2019, the high profile was completed in August 2021, and it was officially released in October 2021.

Academician Gao Wen, head of the AVS working group, said: “AVS3 is an encoding standard for 4K/8K ultra-high-definition applications. The encoding efficiency is about double that of the previous generation standard. It is the first officially released international standard of its kind.”

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