December 2, 2023

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FastCopy upgraded to 4.0: CPU usage plummeted by 2/3

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File copy software FastCopy upgraded to 4.0 after 6 and a half years: CPU usage plummeted by 2/3

When SSD hard disks are not popular, copying a large number of files is still a problem, especially the copy function that comes with the Win system is a bit simple, so FastCopy, which is designed for high-speed copying, has become a generation of artifacts.

The last update was in 2015.  We didn’t expect that It has been upgraded to version 4.0 after 6 and half years.


FastCopy is not only as simple as replacing the file copy that comes with Win, it can optimize the order of file copying, greatly improve the file copying speed, and approach the theoretical read and write speed of the hard disk.


FastCopy will automatically choose a different method depending on whether the source and target directories are on the same hard disk (or SSD).


Different hard drives: reads and writes are handled in parallel by separate threads.


Same hard drive: read processing until the big buffer fills up. When the large buffer is filled, start writing and batch processing.


FastCopy upgraded to 4.0: CPU usage plummeted by 2/3

The initial version of FastCopy software was released in 2004. The latest version v3.9.2 of the v3.X version used before was updated in August 2015. On January 23, it was suddenly updated and upgraded to version 4.0. These two Bit has been modified all the way to version 4.0.2.

FastCopy version 4.0 mainly adds the command line version fcp.exe, and also adds the hash command line version FcHash.exe for executing xxHash3/SHA.

In addition to the increase in functions, FastCopy version 4.0 also improves performance, supports the OpenSSL library, and reduces the CPU usage under SHA-256 to 1/3 of the previous one, which greatly reduces the usage.


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