November 30, 2023

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Fedora 37 Approved to Use Web UI Installer  

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Fedora 37 Approved to Use Web UI Installer

Fedora 37 Approved to Use Web UI Installer.


The Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo) approved the proposal to use the Web UI installer in  Fedora 37. 

So, provided there are no technical issues and the development of the preview version of the Web UI works well, users will be able to try out the web-based installer on Fedora 37, which will be released in October.

Fedora 37 Approved to Use Web UI Installer

Earlier this year, the Anaconda team at Red Hat announced that  the Anaconda installer would be migrating to a web-based UI, a move that would replace the existing GTK-based Anaconda installer interface, with the aim of making the new user interface more modern and innovative. 

The Web UI is built on Red Hat’s Cockpit project for good integration, and since the Web UI is browser-based, it facilitates the use of remote installations.

The image below is the Anaconda Web UI as of May:

Fedora 37 Approved to Use Web UI Installer

As for the benefits of Anaconda Web UI, its development team believes:

The screen layout is based on the latest UX design guidelines, as well as usability testing of the new interface and extensive simulation work.

The developer experience has also been improved thanks to the choice of more modern, mainstream UI technologies and a powerful Cockpit testing tool (a rich unit testing and pixel testing framework). The stateless nature of the Web UI allows for near-live-coding UI development. Not only does this make it easier for the Anaconda team, plugin developers, and any interested contributors to develop on the Anaconda Web UI.

Additionally, remote web UI access should also provide a better experience than VNC-based remote GUI installation support. Since local rendering is not required, remote-driven GUI installation is possible with a minimal installation image on limited hardware.

Red Hat isn’t the only company experimenting with modern web-based installers, SUSE’s ongoing development of D-Installer  is doing the same.

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