November 30, 2023

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FESCo approves batch of new Fedora Linux 37 features

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FESCo approves batch of new Fedora Linux 37 features

FESCo approves batch of new Fedora Linux 37 features. 

The Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo) has approved a batch of new features for the next Fedora Linux distribution.

More changes for Fedora 37 are finalized so developers can continue their planning work for this cycle. The latest batch of projects approved for Fedora 37 includes:

FESCo approves batch of new Fedora Linux 37 features

– All Java JDKs shipped by Fedora will now be built against the in-tree library and the static libstdc++ library. The purpose of this is to be more like other JDKs, and to provide a proper transportable image for portability.

– LLVM 15, the latest version of the leading open source compiler stack, will be packaged for Fedora 37.

– A suitable Fedora KVM virtual disk image will be shipped as part of Fedora Server 37.

– On x86_64 systems, Fedora will now use GPT partitions on new installations instead of MBR/MSDOS for BIOS systems. Currently Fedora only uses the GPT format on EFI systems.

– GRUB2 will now be used for BIOS boot.iso booting instead of syslinux. Upstream syslinux development has ended and the distribution will drop it, so GRUB2 is used instead.

– Continued tightening of encryption policies Fedora 37 has not changed any defaults for now, but until Fedora 38 and Fedora 39 there will be advanced warnings for additional visibility and future guidance.

– Fedora 37 Python will add the “-P” flag to the default shebangs for Python shebang macros.

– Erlang 25 will be available in Fedora 37.

– Perl 5.36 will be packaged for Fedora 37.

For more information on the Fedora 37 changes approved over the past week, see the Fedora Development thread:

Fedora 37 is working hard to release it by the end of October.

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