November 29, 2023

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Future Telephony

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Future Telephony

Future Telephony will bring a big change on officeless and bordless environment.


The big question is that telephone will disappear in future or not while social apps on smart phone act more and more roles of telephone.


Human society had used telegram/telex more than one hundred, but cheaper and more convenient fax machine replace them finally.

Then, Email mostly replaced fax. Telephone might have same fate while Smart phone becomes so popular nowadays.


WhatAPP, Line, Skyepe, Wechat, Fackbook ….. lots of apps could act as phone.  People pay more and more attention on data plan than voice plan. 

4G technology  makes VoIP call popular due to high speed and low latency.  5G or WIFI 6 let people make video call or call conference easily.


Future Telephony



Do we still need PBX in future?

 The answer is YES.  PBX might enter into small business and home quickly.

Cost Efficiency

Cisco helps HSBC to deploy huge quantity of extensions for HSBC global branches. This make the communication efficiency of HSBC rises to new level, and reduces the phone bill sharply.


More and more universities and companies quit local phone service and join to IP-PBX socity.

Also benefit from open-source solution. Their in-house IT staff can easily deploy VOIP and IP-PBX themselves, so don’t need to cost much to hire extra person or purchase expensive customerized equipment.


Big companies usually has offices in different cities, different countries, VoIP and IP-PBX make people to communicate each each like one office.


IP-PBX still acts the communication channel between extensions, different offices, branches.


Social Apps on smart phone can’t provide rich function as much as PBX does.


PBX can be used as intercom and paging, calendar alert, email server, DHCP server, instant messager, CMR (Customer Management Resourcing )…………



Future PBX


PBX cloud

In future, optical fiber and 5G/6G can provide high speed internet with low latency, more and more companies and institutions deploy PBX on cloud(VPS), so physical PBX might retire some day.


Security For Future Telephony

It would bring significant challenge on security if PBX went to cloud. This is why some companies still keep physical PBX .

Lots of cases happened in the past, IP-PBX was hacked to make much expensive calls to Affrican or Island countries. These hacker also stole privacy information from PBX server.

Technicians usually deploy strong firewall and lower extension permission to reduce the risk.

Meanwhile, call encrytion also under implementation, but the price is to use more system resources. Perhaps need to upgrade the PBX server.

A good news on security for VoIP and IP-PBX is Quantum Communication


Quantum Communication

Quantum Communication refers to a form of communication that uses the principles of quantum mechanics to manipulate quantum states, which can effectively solve information security issues.

Quantum communication is an important branch of quantum information science. It uses the principles of quantum mechanics to manipulate quantum states and exchange information between two locations, which can accomplish tasks that cannot be accomplished by classical communication.

Quantum communication is the only communication method that has been strictly proved to be unconditionally secure, and it can effectively solve information security issues.


Wireless extensions for Future Telephony

Extensions relay on wired analog or ethernet cables, so cable running could be another challenge when deploying VoIP and PBX.

Technicians have been thinking to replace wired IP phone(extensions) by wireless IP-phone or softphone.

WIFI 5 and 4G have already provided enough speed and bandwidth for VoIP uses, but WIFI 5 still has security issues.

In future, After faster and safer WIFI 6 and 5G become main stream, wireless exntensions will act more roles in PBX system.

Extension on cloud for Future Telephony

Perhaps Cloud PBX will replace Physical PBX in future after security issues will be resolved.

How about extension? Physical extension will disppear in future. Probably yes.

Physical IP phone or some softphone still big investment for small business or home use.

Some IT companies have been studying how to let apps/application run the cloud, similar as chromebook did. Your IP phone or smart phone might be replaced by a cheap terminal: a display device with mic and speaker. If so, Iphone, Samsung, Huawei might loss significant income in future.


Let’s keep watching technology progress together!



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