December 8, 2023

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Gitlab bans employees from using Windows

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Gitlab bans employees from using Windows


Gitlab bans employees from using Windows.

Gitlab prohibits its employees from using Windows, recommending macOS or Linux.

The company cited a number of reasons, including licensing costs and security.

Due to the large number of Gitlab users, the contradiction has to do with the testing possibilities available to IT team members on various browsers, including Microsoft Edge.


Gitlab bans employees from using Windows




Gitlab said of the reasons for banning members of the IT team from using Windows : “Because of its dominance in the desktop operating system space, Windows is the most commonly attacked platform for various spyware, viruses and ransomware. macOS comes pre-installed on Apple computers . Linux is available for free. To approve Windows, GitLab has to purchase a Windows Professional license, because Windows Home does not meet GitLab’s security guidelines. Since many laptops are purchased by employees and then reimbursed to GitLab, Remote workers often buy laptops with Windows Home pre-installed. Securing Windows Home is notoriously difficult,”


For some observers, the move is a smart move to allow members of the Gitlab IT team to focus on their work rather than security aspects.


It’s a smart move, the operating system provides enough security that you can focus on your work instead of installing and managing products like antivirus, antispyware, web filtering systems, and firewalls.

Because of this poor software installed, Windows users actually consider themselves security experts.


Others are more inclined towards this view: Gitlab can also choose (for members of the IT team) computers that are more suitable for business use.

Or simply force the purchase of laptops that are more suitable for business use.

HP Elitebooks and ThinkPads come to mind. They come bundled with Windows Professional at random (like it or not).


Laptops with Windows Home are usually laptops for home users.


It is not surprising to set mandatory specifications.


Microsoft Edge for Linux has been available since November 2021. Microsoft ‘s web browser for Chromium is the same for macOS.

These are possibilities available for testing by members of the Gitlab IT team.

In this case, getting the browser binaries for the target platform is sufficient. Worryingly, binaries exhibit platform specificity.

For example, Chrome doesn’t render menu items the same way on different operating systems.

Additionally, some selection style rules are interpreted differently depending on the platform the browser is running on.


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