December 1, 2023

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Google launches AlloyDB: A fully managed PostgreSQL-compatible database service

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Google launches AlloyDB: A fully managed PostgreSQL-compatible database service


Google launches AlloyDB: A fully managed PostgreSQL-compatible database service.

To help customers free themselves from legacy database systems, Google announced a new database service , AlloyDB for PostgreSQL , a fully managed, PostgreSQL-compatible database service. “It provides a powerful option for modernizing your most demanding enterprise database workloads.”


Google’s performance test results show that AlloyDB is more than 4x faster for transactional workloads and 100x faster for analytical queries compared to standard PostgreSQL.

AlloyDB is also 2x faster than Amazon’s comparable service for transactional workloads. “This makes AlloyDB a powerful new modern option for transitioning from legacy databases.”


Google launches AlloyDB: A fully managed PostgreSQL-compatible database service



The blog content notes that as enterprises modernize their database assets in the cloud, many are working to eliminate their reliance on traditional database engines.

In particular, enterprise customers are looking for standardized open systems like PostgreSQL to eliminate expensive, unfriendly licensing and vendor lock-in associated with legacy products.

However, running and replicating business-critical workloads on an open source database can be daunting: Teams often struggle with performance tuning, outages caused by vacuuming, and managing application availability.

AlloyDB combines Google’s scaled compute and storage, industry-leading availability, security, and AI/ML-driven management, and full PostgreSQL compatibility, with the performance, scalability, and scalability businesses expect to run their mission-critical applications. Manageability and reliability advantages.


AlloyDB is the next major milestone in Google’s journey to support customers’ heterogeneous migrations.

For example, the company recently added Oracle to PostgreSQL schema conversion and data replication to its database migration service.


Google said that with AlloyDB, it is using decades of experience designing and managing some of the world’s most scalable and available database services to bring the best of Google to the PostgreSQL ecosystem.


According to the introduction, the core of AlloyDB is an intelligent, database-optimized storage service built for PostgreSQL .

AlloyDB decomposes compute and storage at each layer of the stack, using the same infrastructure building blocks that power large Google services such as YouTube, Search, Maps, and Gmail. “This unique technology enables it to scale seamlessly while delivering predictable performance”.

And additional investments in analytics acceleration, embedded AI/ML, and automated tiering of data mean AlloyDB is ready to handle any workload users throw at it with minimal administrative overhead.


At the same time, AlloyDB maintains full compatibility with PostgreSQL 14, so users can reuse existing development skills and tools and migrate existing PostgreSQL applications without code changes, benefiting from the entire PostgreSQL ecosystem.



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