December 2, 2023

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Honor Wi-Fi 6 router 3 SE is only 31 US dollar!

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Honor Wi-Fi 6 router is only 31 US dollar!


Honor Wi-Fi 6 router 3 SE is only 31 US dollar!! Honor Wi-Fi 6 router is only 199 China Yuan(31 US dollar)! Honor Route 3 SE released.

On July 26, the pre-sale of Honor Routing 3 SE was launched, the original price was 219 yuan, the first sale discount was 20 yuan, and the price after discount was only 199 yuan(31 US dollar).

Honor Wi-Fi 6 router 3 SE is only 31 US dollar!


Honor Wi-Fi 6 router is only 31 US dollar!

The Honor Router 3 SE is equipped with 5GHz Wi-Fi 6, which supports online lessons & intelligent acceleration of games. The pre-sale will start at 10:08 on July 26, and the official sale will start at 10:08 on August 3rd.

Honor Router 3 SE is equipped with a full Gigabit Ethernet port and Gigabit dual-band Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band concurrent theoretical wireless rate of up to 1500Mbps, bringing faster transmission rates. With four reasonably-layout high-gain widening antennas, it can effectively reduce co-frequency interference and provide wider signal coverage.

Honor Wi-Fi 6 router 3 SE is only 31 US dollar!


5GHz signal is fast, 2.4GHz can penetrate the wall well. The two frequency bands are automatically selected to avoid interference. It automatically connects to 5GHz when it is close, and 2.4GHz when it is far away. The 5GHz frequency band supports LDPC wireless error correction algorithm with strong anti-interference performance.

Honor Router 3SE can intelligently identify the online course software, guarantee the priority forwarding of 20+ online online course software data, improve connection stability, and make children more focused on online lessons.

Honor Wi-Fi 6 router 3 SE is only 31 US dollar!


Exclusive mobile game acceleration. After starting the mobile game, Honor Router 3 SE can intelligently recognize and accelerate the game, effectively reducing the game delay and making the game experience more enjoyable.

It is worth mentioning that multiple Honor routers have one-click Mesh networking. After the networking, the multiple routes are automatically unified into a Wi-Fi name, and the faster Wi-Fi is automatically selected according to the location of the device. After purchasing the Honor Router 3 SE, the previous Honor Router at home can still expand the network coverage with the Honor Router 3 SE.

In terms of user-friendliness, Honor Router 3 SE supports blind plugging of network ports. There is no need to distinguish between different network ports. You can start network configuration by plugging in the network cable. No computer is required, and it can be quickly completed in 2 steps with a mobile phone.


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