December 9, 2023

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How did Rich Howard earn US$6000 and reach 140K traffic per month?

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How did Rich Howard earn over US$6000 and reach 140K traffic per month?

How did Rich Howard earn over US$6000 and reach 140K traffic per month? How rich Howard 301 redirected his way to 140,000 in organic traffic!

Rich has found a way to successfully develop his Niche site while being a full-time pastor, studying for a master’s degree, and becoming a husband and new dad!

Three or four years ago, he was looking for something new in a job he hated. He heard about blogging and affiliate marketing and decided to give it a try.

He opened a financial blog and worked half-heartedly in this area for several years, but it didn’t really come true. However, he posted a few posts about meal preparation, which ranked very well.

After further investigating the meal preparation niche, he saw many opportunities and decided to build a website dedicated to this area. He transferred those successful posts from the financial blog to his new website in August 2019.

He doubled works on contents and links, and now the website earns more than $6,000 per month. In January 2021, the traffic was 140,000. Quite incredible!

In mid-2020, Rich took an initiative that really helped drive this growth.

He bought a website from Motion Invest, earning about $600 a month. This website is in the same or similar niche market as Meal Prepify, with about 150 articles on it.

Watch the entire interview on Youtube.   

In the video, he talked about how he bought and repaired this website, and then 301 redirected half of these articles to the meal preparation website.

Here is more of what we covered in the interview:

  • More Rich’s story and background
  • How to identify a good website to buy
  • How much time has the website earned
  • On-page search engine optimization and website speed
  • How he prepared redirect articles
  • Advertising services (Ezoic, Adthrive)
  • How to perform 301 redirects correctly
  • Why did Rich not move all articles
  • Link building strategy
  • Use link building agencies
  • Core network vitality
  • Meal Prepify plan
  • Business strategy-focus

Rich’s online work goals are different from many of us, which is cool!

He intends to make online business a part-time job. He felt a unique call to ministry and loved his profession.

Online marketing is a way to replace the wife’s full-time income because she is currently taking care of the baby and may be a way to do ministry without salary in the future.

This is one of the many reasons we like this work. It is flexible and adaptable to all other things that happen in our lives.

However, you have to have related knowledge about network and how to build a website if you want to copy what Rich Howard did.  In addition, it’s also important to select a good provider of web-hosting or build a web-hosting server yourself.

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