December 9, 2023

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Intel discloses “Immersion Cooling System” for CPUs up to 15000W

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Intel discloses “Immersion Cooling System” for CPUs up to 15000W.


Intel discloses “Immersion Cooling System” for CPUs up to 15000W.

Whether it is AMD, NVIDIA or Intel, everyone will face two problems when purchasing their new generation CPU and GPU.

One is that the price and performance are greatly improved, and the other is that the power consumption is becoming more and more exaggerated, and the heat dissipation pressure is greatly increased.

This is acceptable to ordinary consumers, but for enterprise users, the problem of heat dissipation is directly related to operating costs.


Intel’s upcoming fourth-generation Xeon Scalable processor code-named Sapphire Rapids, manufactured by Intel 7 process, has up to 60 cores, and actually enables 56 cores.

The TDP power consumption is said to be increased from the previous 270W to 350W, but this is still basic, It is not impossible to actually exceed 400W.


Such high power consumption can no longer be used with traditional air cooling. It is not only the noise problem, but also the energy efficiency can not keep up, and the energy efficiency problem directly affects the operating cost of the data center, so Intel announced earlier this year to invest 7 billions of dollars to develop a new way of water cooling (more accurately it should be liquid cooling).

At the recent innovation conference, Intel also disclosed some of the water cooling system, and will launch a variety of public water cooling solutions for the Sapphire Rapids processor.


Intel discloses "Immersion Cooling System" for CPUs up to 15000W.


According to the information released by Intel, this water cooling solution has multiple usage scenarios, from servers to modules to racks and cabinets, there are corresponding solutions, of which the cooling capacity can already achieve 15KW, that is, the level of 15000W.

Even if it is a 300-400W CPU/GPU, it is estimated that a set of 30+ chips will be no problem.


This cooling system is still under development and optimization, and has been adopted by many manufacturers.

When the Sapphire Rapids processor is fully launched in the future, it is estimated that more manufacturers will follow.

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