December 1, 2023

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Kaspersky launches official website for open source anti-tracking software

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Kaspersky launches official website for open source anti-tracking software

Kaspersky launches official website for open source anti-tracking software, Clearer than GitHub page.

TinyCheck is an open-source tool developed by Kaspersky in 2019 to detect tracking software on mobile devices.

This tool is suitable for a wide range of people, but previously only the project was known through the project GitHub repository.

Recently, Kaspersky launched an official website for TinyCheck .

Clearer than GitHub page,

According to a report by Kaspersky, the privacy of about 32,000 smartphone users will be violated by stalkerware in 2021, and these leaks have also been linked to online and offline violence.

Once installed on the victim’s device, the software passes information such as the user’s GPS location, emails, photos, keystrokes, and browsing history to the stalker, and some even remotely control the user’s camera and microphone.

Clearer than GitHub page,

TinyCheck itself is not installed on a smartphone, but uses a separate external device: a Raspberry Pi microcomputer.

TinyCheck can detect stalkerware on the victim’s device in a simple, fast and non-intrusive way, TinyCheck is safe to use, it does not read the user’s communications (text messages, emails, etc.), it just Interact with the online server the smartphone communicates with and check for any unusual or inappropriate communications from the smartphone.

All data from the device being analyzed is done locally, even Kaspersky does not receive it.

Since its inception in 2019, TinyCheck is now being tested and implemented by a growing number of NGOs and police departments to help keep users safe.

Compared with the GitHub page that non-programmers may not use, the launch of TinyCheck’s official website provides users with the latest progress of the project, how to use this tool, and provides convenience for users to get in touch with the official website.

Take advantage of this tool to raise awareness of TinyCheck and help more people get rid of stalkerware.

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