December 9, 2023

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Microsoft develops deep integration of Android and Windows

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Microsoft develops deep integration of Android and Windows


Microsoft develops deep integration of Android and Windows


Previously, when Microsoft released Windows 11, it also added an Android simulation system to the new system.

Although the simulation system has attracted a lot of attention, the Windows Android subsystem cannot perfectly support every application in the store, especially for computers.

The configuration has higher requirements.



To enhance applicability between Android and Windows platforms. Microsoft formed a division called “Android Microsoft Platform and Experiences” (AMPX).

This department integrates the SurfaceDuo system, SwiftKey, PhoneLink, Microsoft Launcher and many other Android teams.


Previously, most of the Android work, represented by SwiftKey and Microsoft Launcher, was developed by the Microsoft Mobile Experiences (MMX) team, which also develops platform products such as iOS and iPadOS.

The newly established AMPX department will focus on product development for the Android platform, and will raise the Android platform development to the same level as Windows development.


According to reports, Microsoft will make big moves between Android and Windows platforms in the next few years, including enhancing the deep integration between Android phones and Windows PCs, not just the effect achieved by current applications.

Microsoft wants to position Android smartphones as an extension of Windows PCs, with the goal of creating a highly interactive experience similar to the iPhone and Mac.


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