December 2, 2023

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Only US$282: Lenovo released cellphones with Snapdragon 888 Plus

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Only US$282: Lenovo released cellphones with Snapdragon 888 Plus . 

Lenovo is crazy! The flagship of Snapdragon 888 Plus is only sold at US$282 (1799 China Yuan), and the budget-value cellphones are completely reshuffled!

In the previous article, Xiaozhi said that Lenovo’s Moto officially released the world’s first new cellphone edge X30 equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, and the price has been increased to 2,999 Yuan( US$471).

In the case of almost all configurations at the top level, this price I think is a wave of lore for friends, especially Xiaomi. However, unexpectedly this is just a prelude.


After the release of the edge X30, Lenovo also released another stunning new cellphone Moto edge S30.

Although this phone is not equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, it is also equipped with the absolute ceiling Snapdragon 888 PLUS, which is the flagship chip of this year. 


Snapdragon 888 Plus, as a new CPU launched by Qualcomm in the middle of this year, is positioned to surpass Snapdragon 888 to achieve stronger performance. 

But so far the number of mobile phones equipped with this processor is very small.

There are two reasons. The first is the power consumption of Snapdragon 888.

As a more powerful manufacturer of Snapdragon 888 Plus, they are more afraid of being unable to control it. 


The second is the main reason. The purchase price of Snapdragon 888 Plus is higher than that of Snapdragon 888.

The price of mobile phones equipped with it is definitely higher.

Manufacturers don’t need to do this thankless thing. Very rare. But this doesn’t mean it’s bad.


The Moto edge S30 released on Dec. 09 completely solves these two points. The first is the price.

The starting price of Moto EdgeS30 is only 1799 yuan (US$282)! Yes, you read that right.

Lenovo directly put the Snapdragon 888 Plus into the budget-vale cellphone, and instantly crash down other budget-value class phone equipped with Snapdragon 778G, MediaTek 1100, MediaTek 1200 and even the Snapdragon 870. 


Only US$282: Lenovo released cellphones with Snapdragon 888 Plus



Secondly, Lenovo uses a large-area heat dissipation combination module to strongly suppress the heat dissipation of the Snapdragon 888 Plus.

It is said that it can stabilize the original 60 frames without frequency reduction, and the daily use of heat is negligible.

In addition, the cellphone is also equipped with a 144HZ high brush +576HZ sampling screen. 


Only US$282: Lenovo released cellphones with Snapdragon 888 Plus


The 5000 mAh battery also guarantees battery life, and the rear camera with 108 million main cameras can be described as an extraordinary vigor!

Of course, limited by pricing and cost, Moto edge S30 still compromises.

For example, the screen material is LCD and the fast charging power is only 33W.

But I have to say that the starting price of 1799 yuan(US$282)  is still really attractive. Its appearance has directly reshuffled other budget-value cellphone!


According to official information released by Moto mobile phones: 

  • Moto edge X30 will be equipped with a new generation of Snapdragon 888 Plus processor;
  • using front and rear three main camera system, front 60 million pixels, rear 50 million outsole flagship main camera 50 million pixels, the industry’s largest wide-angle Sub-camera;
  • built-in battery capacity of 5000mAh, supports 68W fast charging;
  • will also use double-sided Corning Gorilla Glass and new technology.




Only US$282: Lenovo released cellphones with Snapdragon 888 Plus

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