December 9, 2023

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SUSE Releases NeuVector 5.0: Comprehensively expand cloud security capabilities

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SUSE Releases NeuVector 5.0: Comprehensively expand cloud security capabilities

SUSE Releases NeuVector 5.0: Comprehensively expand cloud security capabilities. 

On May 17, SUSE, a leader in enterprise-grade open source solutions, released its container security platform NeuVector 5.0 at KubeCon Europe, the first version of NeuVector since it was open sourced in January, which has been integrated into the just-released SUSE Rancher 2.6. 5 out of 5.

The release of the new version of NeuVector further realizes SUSE’s vision of fully integrating cloud-native platforms, which will help users build and deploy Kubernetes applications, easily implement security protection, and accelerate digital transformation.

In addition, SUSE announced a donation of NeuVector’s open source project, the Open Zero Trust (OZT), to the CNCF, continuing its commitment to the open source community.

SUSE Releases NeuVector 5.0: Comprehensively expand cloud security capabilities. 

NeuVector 5.0: Provides full lifecycle security protection for container applications in any environment
SUSE NeuVector 5.0 integrates with SUSE Rancher, as well as with other enterprise-grade container management platforms such as Amazon EKS, Google GKE, and Microsoft AKS.

NeuVector has been part of SUSE Rancher v2.6.5, allowing users to directly access and authenticate to NeuVector through the SUSE Rancher console.

This move simplifies the security management of large-scale Kubernetes environments across the globe, providing a seamless user experience that takes advantage of a full zero-trust stack.

“The industry’s concerns about container security continue to grow, and our customers know they can rely on SUSE to provide comprehensive solutions to help them secure the entire Kubernetes lifecycle,” said Greg Muscarella, general manager of enterprise container management at SUSE. “Building on the legacy of SUSE Linux Enterprise and its seamless integration with SUSE Rancher, SUSE NeuVector empowers enterprises to harden their security in any environment against growing cyber threats, while avoiding compromising developer agility and technological innovation.”

The new version of NeuVector will continue to enhance the ability of enterprises to build elastic container systems in real time, with capabilities including: Web application firewall inspection, automated container protection, vulnerability (CVE) investigation and classification, compliance checking and reporting.

In addition, SUSE announced that it will donate NeuVector’s open source project Open Zero Trust (OZT) to CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation), renewing its commitment to the open source community


“Security is paramount for all users and businesses deploying cloud-native workloads,” said Fei Huang, VP of Security Strategy at SUSE. “After donating the Open Zero Trust project to CNCF, the entire community will participate in the security protection of Kubernetes, and the overall value of the project will continue to increase. Open Zero Trust will empower everyone with NeuVector’s world-class container security protection capabilities to Accelerates building a robust security-focused community of contributors critical to defending against vulnerabilities and hacking.”

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