December 9, 2023

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Tesla exec hints at a cheap electric car

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Tesla exec hints at a cheap electric car


Tesla exec hints at a cheap electric car.

Tesla’s head of investor relations, Martin Viecha, has reportedly hinted that Tesla will launch a cheaper electric car before launching a robotaxi service.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently said he was “embarrassed” by the current price of Tesla’s electric vehicles.


Tesla exec hints at a cheap electric car



With rising inflation, rising battery material costs, and strong market demand, prices across Tesla’s entire electric vehicle lineup have risen sharply over the past two years.


Today, the cheapest Tesla cars available to U.S. consumers start at $46,000, and the most popular model, the Model Y, starts at $66,000.


Musk has said that once inflation calms down, the selling price of Tesla vehicles will fall.

Additionally, he previously talked about a cheaper $25,000 Tesla electric car. But later, the project was shelved.


Musk has also said that the advent of self-driving technology has made the cheapest form of transportation: a large fleet of ride-hailing vehicles powered by self-driving electric vehicles. Therefore, it is uncertain whether it is necessary to develop cheaper Tesla models.


But on Monday local time, Tesla’s head of investor relations, Vicha, presented some of Tesla’s development plans for the next five years at the Goldman Sachs Technology Summit in San Francisco. During the period, Vicha reiterated Tesla’s plans to develop cheap electric vehicles.


When asked about the possibility of Tesla making a cheaper electric car, Wicha said Tesla ultimately wants to launch a “more affordable” electric car.

He also explained that a broad product portfolio is needed if it wants to be a “high-yield, high-volume” automaker.

So Tesla needs to offer a cheaper electric car before launching a self-driving taxi service, known as a robo-taxi service.


Wechat didn’t say exactly when Tesla would launch a cheap electric car, other than saying it would be before the self-driving taxi service.

Musk had planned to bring robo-taxi to the market by 2024, but the plan has been delayed several times.


In the short term, Wechat said the Model Y will be the best-selling vehicle of all time next year. “Next year, the Model Y is basically going to be the best-selling car the world has ever seen,” he said.


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