December 9, 2023

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The world’s first full-gate field effect transistor is released!

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The world’s first full-gate field effect transistor is released!

The world’s first full-gate field effect transistor is released! Samsung will reduce the power consumption ratio of mass production 3nm process by 50%.

Obviously, Samsung now wants to surpass TSMC by mass-producing more advanced processes.

Do you think this is feasible?

According to South Korean media reports, Samsung will announce the start of mass manufacturing in the next few days, beating rival TSMC in the process of producing the world’s most advanced chips.

This comes after the South Korean tech giant had so many yield issues as it moved to smaller process nodes that it affected the business of some of its biggest customers, such as Qualcomm, which is now considering TSMC for future mobile chip.

NVIDIA is choosing TSMC for its next-generation products after dealing with the yield issues and relatively low energy efficiency of Ampere GPUs, which were originally manufactured on Samsung’s 8nm process node.

Reports from local South Korean media suggest that Samsung is preparing to announce the start of 3-nanometer mass manufacturing, possibly as soon as this week.

It will be a major challenge to rival TSMC, and it will also mean the South Korean company will be the first to use an all-gate field-effect transistor (GAAFET).

Samsung calls its implemented 3nm GAAFET transistor a multi-bridge channel field effect transistor, but that’s just a technical name for the transistor, and the benefits behind it are key: 50% less power, 45% less space, and the ability to More stable operation at low voltage.

Samsung has also been rumored to have secured the first customers for the new process node, and it will be interesting to see if the company can avoid repeating the mistakes of 8nm and 4nm.

Regardless, the foundry business is a strong contributor to Samsung’s bottom line, with more than half of its operating profit — about $6.7 billion and changes — coming from the chip division.

The world's first full-gate field effect transistor is released!

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