December 2, 2023

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Why is the GaN (Gallium Nitride) charger small and strong?

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Why is the GaN (Gallium Nitride) charger small and strong?


Why is the GaN (Gallium Nitride) charger small and strong?

Compared with ordinary chargers, GaN chargers have three main characteristics:

Smaller size:

GaN chargers are basically half the size of ordinary chargers, most of which are relatively large and inconvenient to carry out. The gallium nitride charger is smaller and more convenient to carry out;


Higher safety:

The safety performance of GaN chargers is more stable than that of ordinary chargers.

Ordinary chargers will get hot and hot after charging for a period of time, while GaN chargers are much better.

 Moreover, some GaN chargers also have the design of automatic power-off when overloaded, which can greatly ensure safety.


Why is the GaN (Gallium Nitride) charger small and strong?


Why do people choose GaN charger?

Gallium (Ga, atomic number 31) and nitrogen (N, 7) combine to make a semiconductor material – gallium nitride (GaN) – like silicon (Si, 14).

GaN is a “wide bandgap” material because it offers an electronic bandgap that is 3 times larger than silicon, meaning it can handle large electric fields with much larger chips.

With smaller transistors and shorter current paths, ultra-low resistance and capacitance can be achieved while enabling up to 100 times faster switching speeds.

Low resistance and low capacitance translate into higher power conversion efficiency, so more power can be delivered to IT loads.

This means more functions or more “operations” per watt than dissipating energy as heat, thereby warming the system and producing more refrigeration (air conditioning) work. Also, high speed (frequency) switching means smaller size?

A practical and high-performance implementation of GaN as a power component building block is in an integrated solution, Navitas Semiconductor’s GaNFast power IC. Here, GaN power (FET), drive, control, and protection are highly integrated to create an easy-to-use high-performance, high-frequency (2 MHz), “digital input, output” building block. GaN power ICs are the catalyst for the second revolution in power electronics.



Why are GaN chargers so small?

Gallium Nitride is a new type of semiconductor material, which is smaller than traditional silicon-based power IC chips and is more resistant to high current and voltage.

It can greatly increase the switching frequency of the power supply, save a lot of power supply peripheral circuits, and save the circuit board area. ,

The traditional silicon-based chip charger needs to design a large number of peripheral circuits to ensure the normal operation of the circuit, and the volume will naturally increase.


Why are GaN chargers more expensive than ordinary chargers?

The main reason is that the material of gallium nitride needs to be artificially extracted and purified, and the cost is higher than that of silicon-based chips used in ordinary chargers. And it has the characteristics of easy heat dissipation, small size, low loss, high power, high temperature and high pressure resistance.


How to select GaN charger ?

Gallium nitride chargers are divided into two types: single-port and multi-port. If the user only needs to charge the mobile phone, the last 30w single-port charger is enough.

However, we recommend a multi-port 65W charger, which has a high usage rate, can charge multiple devices at the same time, and is cost-effective.

When choosing a GaN charger, you should also pay attention to whether the charger supports the PPS protocol and whether the charging protocol on the market is compatible.

The charging protocol is like a bridge between the charger and the powered device. Only when the bridge is unblocked can efficient fast charging be achieved.


The development of gallium nitride chargers has become more and more mature, and the price has gradually dropped to the range acceptable to ordinary people.

After reading the above content, we believe that our consumers can also choose the gallium nitride charger that suits them more easily.



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