December 8, 2023

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A series of tools built on GPT to meet many scenarios

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A series of tools built on GPT to meet many scenarios


This article contains a series of tools built on GPT to meet many scenarios in the daily work of developers.


AudioGPT – LLM-based audio assistant

AudioGPT is a tool for processing audio with the help of large language models (LLM).

AudioGPT uses ChatGPT for task analysis when receiving a user request, selects a model according to the functional description available in the speech base model, executes the user instruction with the selected speech base model, and summarizes the response based on the execution result.

With ChatGPT’s powerful language capabilities and numerous basic speech models, AudioGPT can complete almost all tasks in the field of speech.

Specifically, the AudioGPT running process can be divided into 4 stages: modality transformation, task analysis, model assignment and reply generation.


A series of tools built on GPT to meet many scenarios




Auto-GPT – GPT-4 automated work items

Auto-GPT is an experimental project based on GPT-4, which aims to fully automate GPT-4.
In addition to being able to automatically search and collect various data on the Internet, it can also try to access the current mainstream websites and platforms, and use GPT for file storage and summary.

AgentGPT – Web GPT Robot Deployment Tool

AgentGPT is used to deploy an AutoGPT in a browser in a visual way.
Developers define their own goals, and then let GPT4 continue to execute, correct, and store historical data according to the goals, and finally achieve the goals. Features – Can be networked – Long memory – Interact with website or user

MiniGPT-4 – Enhanced Visual Language Understanding Using LLM

MiniGPT-4 enhances visual-language understanding with an advanced large-scale language model.

K8sGPT – Kubernetes cluster diagnostic tool

k8sgpt is a tool for scanning Kubernetes clusters, diagnosing and triaging issues. It feeds SRE experience into its analyzer and helps extract and enrich relevant information through AI.

PentestGPT – GPT4-based automated penetration testing tool

PentestGPT is an automated penetration testing tool based on GPT4. Currently, it has realized simple assisted penetration, which can improve efficiency.
PentestGPT is designed to automate the penetration testing process. It is built on the basis of ChatGPT, and guides the overall process and specific operations of penetration testers through GPT interaction.

Visual ChatGPT – ChatGPT that understands and transfers images

Visual ChatGPT connects ChatGPT with a series of Visual Foundation Models (VFM) to support sending and receiving images during chat.

EdgeGPT – Bing Chat Reverse Engineering

EdgeGPT is the reverse engineering API of Bing Chat AI.

BlenderGPT – Integrate GPT4 into Blender

BlenderGPT integrates GPT-4 into Blender, and can use GPT-4 through natural language commands in Blender (currently only supports English).
Features – Generate Blender Python code from natural language commands – Integrated with Blender’s UI, easy to use – Supports Blender 3.0.0 and above

DoctorGPT – Error diagnosis tool integrated with GPT

DoctorGPT is a diagnostic tool for bringing GPT into production, it can monitor your application logs for problems and diagnose them.

Chart-GPT – AI tool for building charts based on text input

Chart-GPT is an AI tool that builds charts based on text input, converting text into beautiful charts in seconds.

DocsGPT – open source AI document assistant

DocsGPT is an AI documentation solution that simplifies the process of finding information in project documentation.
By integrating powerful GPT models, developers can easily ask questions about their projects and get accurate answers.

CodeGPT —— Use ChatGPT to help developers write Commit Message

CodeGPT is a CLI written in Go language, which can use ChatGPT AI (gpt-4, gpt-3.5-turbo model) to write git commit information or do code review briefing for you, and automatically install git prepare-commit-msg hook.

JavaGPT —— Java GUI for calling ChatGPT API interface

JavaGPT is a Java GUI that calls the ChatGPT API interface.

yakGPT – ChatGPT running locally

yakGPT is a simple, natively running ChatGPT UI that doesn’t require any app installation, making your text generation faster.
All yakGPT state is stored locally in localStorage, so there are no analysis or external service calls.


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