November 29, 2023

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Google releases Fuchsia OS F10 and will replace Android and ChromeOS

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Google releases Fuchsia OS F10 and will replace Android and ChromeOS

Google releases Fuchsia OS F10 and will replace Android and ChromeOS.

Fuchsia OS is a new operating system developed by Google, which aims to replace Android and chromeOS.

Fuchsia OS uses the Zircon kernel developed by Google itself instead of being based on the Linux kernel.


Google releases Fuchsia OS F10 and will replace Android and ChromeOS.


Fuchsia OS uses Flutter as its main application development framework, which allows applications to run seamlessly on different types of devices.

The operating system uses the Material design language, with a modern user interface and rich animation effects.


Fuchsia OS is still in the development stage and can only run on some specific devices (such as Google Nest Hub).


Google recently released the Fuchsia F10 version, which implements the following changes:


Component framework

With the exception of Opal, Kronk, andcast_runner , most components now run as v2.web_instance



The following improvements have been made in the Bazel workflow:

  • FIDL libraries defined outside of the Fuchsia platform must not start with Fuchsia.
  • fuchsia_package.depsShould be updated to fuchsia_package.componentsand
  • The Run and Publish components output each step to be performed; users do not need to make any changes for this update.


ffxMade the following updates in and other tools:

  • If you already have a product bundle on your computer, the download will not re-download.
  • New functionality to clean up previously downloaded bundles.
  • Improved the interface for downloading item bundles.
  • ffxThe component copy plugin supports copying files between components on the host and target.
  • Resume unfinished downloads in a more reliable way.
  • Profile tools:
    • Added option to report memory usage for bucket usage.
    • Fixed a miscalculation issue involving indirect VMO charges.
    • Cosmetic improvements, including adding an option to choose easy-to-understand and exact dimensions, aligned output, and clearer instructions.
  • Debugging tools:
    • Compatibility support has been enhanced, so users should see fewer version inconsistencies.
    • Fixed “Debugger not connected to device” issue with Fuchsia VSCode extension.
  • By default, all component tests are bound to the enclosing parser; tests that launch a component in a package other than the one in which the component is tested will fail unless the corresponding package is declared. See enclosing component resolution .
    • Updated ffx log --severityto take both warnings and warnings as parameters.
  • Experimental nature:
    • ffx package build– Build packages.
    • ffx repository publish– Publish one or more packages to the repository.
    • ffx repository package list– List all packages in the repository.
    • ffx repository package show– List the contents of the package.
  • Experimental features were introduced:
    • ffx package far– Suitable for handling common farcommands .
    • ffx package archive– Good for handling package archives.
    • ffx driver list-devices– for fuzzy matching support.
  • added ffx driver list-nodes-groups.
  • added ffx inspect list-files.
    • ffx inspect list-filesRemoved hub usage from and deleted ffx inspect show-files.
    • The API for querying inspections based on filenames has now been moved to ffx inspect show --fileand takes filenames relative to the component namespace.
  • More ffx componentplugins ( destroy, doctor, explore, start, stop, resolve, reload) support partial matching on names, urls and instance ids.
  • When ffx tracespecified -categories, the wildcard “ can be used to indicate that all categories matching the given prefix are enabled; for example, kernel*will match kernel:ipckernel:syscalletc.
  • set, map, unordered_setAdded unordered_mapthe ability to output and with C++.
  • New settings have been added source-mapfor more flexibility in finding source files.
  • Improved display of connection errors.
  • A synchronous interface was introduced; short commands block input.
  • ffx product-bundle get,Added -force-repooption to which will overwrite package repositories instead of rejecting repositories due to pre-existing repositories.
  • Added debug output in trace log.
  • Incomplete download: Use a temporary directory until the download is complete, thus avoiding partial download issues.


  • Archive no longer provides lifecycle events as a data source, only Inspection and Log options. We have also refactored the archive to inject data using the brand new event streaming feature.
  • Implemented RFC-171 , which now ensures that all components get a LogSink, improving the developer experience.
  • Improved taxonomy parser and some language improvements eg _-separated numbers, Any, All.
  • The sampler has been refactored so that it does not emit empty histogram buckets, reducing the load on Cobalt.
  • ffx inspectNew features have been added, such as: ffx inspect list-filesiquery show –fileand glob, and have been improved to no longer depend on hub.
  • Fixed several bugs for the Rust logging library, making it smaller to save space in BlobFS.

Graphics and Media

  • Made several stability improvements for i915 on Tigerlake devices. The driver is enabled by default.


  • Updated to need to emit a process record named “kernel” for PID 0 to restore parity with the original ktraceimporter
  • Ability to boot emulator locally and via UEFI by default
  • Use the zxmigration zxclibrary
  • ktraceThe serializer template needs to be updated to support val_typethe parameter , StringRefwhich needs to accept a string size parameter.
  • Changing references Undef __UNUSEDto


  • Improved error messages when starting a virtual machine fails.
  • vshPorted the tool from C++ to Rust.
  • virtio-gpuImplemented cursor command support in .
  • Added initial vmm_launchercomponent .

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