December 9, 2023

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Sodium-ion batteries are about to be trial-produced: 5000 cycle life

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Sodium-ion batteries are about to be trial-produced: 5000 cycle life.

Lithium batteries have become the main force of electric vehicle power batteries, but because lithium resources rely on imports and the cost is high, sodium-ion batteries have also become the development focus of battery companies in the past two years.

In addition to CATL, there is another company (NAECN) will also mass-produce sodium-ion batteries.



A few days ago, the company stated on the interactive platform that the company’s sodium-ion battery project is progressing smoothly, and all the mass production equipment for the first phase of the project has been installed at the factory, and the positive electrode, negative electrode, battery technology route, and production process have all successfully passed the verification.


At present, the production line commissioning of the first phase of the company’s sodium-ion battery project has been completed, and the supporting facilities are ready for trial production.


Transart Technology stated that the company’s pilot test samples have been tested by a third-party testing agency, and the battery’s various test technical parameters are at the leading level in the industry, and the performance of the sodium-ion battery products of the industry’s leading enterprises is basically equivalent, and it is in the same echelon.


Previously, the company disclosed that the first-phase capacity planning of the sodium-ion battery project is 4.5GWh, and the second-phase production capacity construction plan will be formulated based on the progress of the first-phase project and market demand.


Compared with lithium batteries, sodium-ion batteries have many advantages, such as good safety, no fire or explosion, excellent low temperature performance, and -20 capacity retention rate greater than 90%.


In addition, Chuanyi Technology also mentioned before that the sodium battery products produced in the pilot test have reached a cycle life of more than 5,000 times, which can meet the needs of customers for A00-class vehicles, small power vehicles, two-wheeled vehicles and energy storage.


If customers need higher cycle life in the future, the company will increase investment in polyanion battery products during the construction of the second phase.


Considering the lower cost of sodium-ion batteries, the price of electric vehicles will have to continue to drop in the future once Chinese companies engage in mass production.


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