November 29, 2023

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USB4.0 and USB-C: What is the difference?

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USB4.0 and USB-C: What is the difference?


USB4.0 and USB-C: What is the difference?

Since its official release in 1996, USB has brought convenience to users.

However, since the early days, the situation has changed.

There are multiple USB connection standards, which can cause confusion.

The introduction of the new USB version USB 4.0 can help reduce this confusion.


USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and refers to a plug-and-play interface that allows computers to communicate with peripheral devices and other devices. Fast and convenient.


So what is USB 4.0, and how is it different from USB Type-C?



What is USB-C?


USB-C refers to one of the three main standard USB types (Type A, Type B, and Type C).

The USB-C connector is different from other USB connectors for several reasons.

The main difference is that the USB-C connector can be inserted in any direction and still works normally, while the traditional USB Type-A port cannot.


In addition, because USB-C uses more connections, USB-C connectors can provide more power than earlier connectors (up to 3A per port).


So what is the relationship between USB-C and USB 4.0?



What is USB 4.0?

USB 4.0 is described as the next generation USB. It was announced in 2019, promising to provide significantly faster transfer speeds, better port usage, and the ability to provide channels for transferring display ports and PCIe to external devices.


USB 4.0 uses a single standard connector (USB-C) and integrates multiple connection standards. USB 4.0 also ensures backward compatibility with almost all previous standard inputs (including USB 3.0 and USB 2.0).


The first computers with USB 4.0 connections will come out at the end of 2020. It is expected that by 2021 and beyond, there will be more laptops and desktops equipped with USB 4.0 connections.


Now that we understand the technical background of USB 4.0 and USB-C, the last question is, what is the difference between USB 4.0 and USB-C?


USB 4.0 and USB-C: What is the difference?

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What is the difference between USB 4.0 and USB-C?

The main and most obvious difference between USB 4.0 and USB-C is that USB-C is a type of USB cable .


This refers to the physical design of connectors and ports, while USB 4.0 handles the functionality and speed of USB cables.

In short, USB 4.0 is the latest version of the USB built into the USB-C cable.


Another difference is that the physical USB-C connector itself is not backward compatible, but the basic USB standard is backward compatible.

You cannot plug older USB devices into modern micro USB-C ports.


None of the USB-C connectors can be connected to larger old USB ports.

On the other hand, USB 4.0 has fewer restrictions and fully supports backward compatibility with older versions.


USB 4.0 enables data transfer speeds to reach 20 Gbps and 40 Gbps.

This is much faster than most devices can achieve with USB-C. The two-wire cable of USB 4.0 has a higher bandwidth than the previous version, which allows more data to be transferred between the two devices, thereby increasing the data transfer speed.



What is USB PD?

USB PD (USB Power Delivery) is a specification for handling higher power and charging a range of devices quickly and efficiently through a USB connection.


Unlike USB-C, which does not always comply with the USB PD specification , every USB 4.0 connection will comply with USB PD.

This can ensure that USB 4.0 can keep different types of devices powered on, provided that the host device should have sufficient power.



USB 4.0 is the future of USB connectivity

With the combination of the versatility of USB-C cables and the efficiency of USB 4.0, the future of USB devices is certainly bright. USB 4.0 is considered the “death of traditional USB ports.”


As laptops with USB 4.0 functions have begun to be promoted, the use of old versions and USB types will steadily decline, with USB 4.0 and USB-C occupying a prominent position at the top.





USB 4.0 and USB-C: What is the difference?

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