December 9, 2023

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Kali Linux 2023.1 Released: Celebrating 10 Years Anniversary

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Kali Linux 2023.1 Released: Celebrating 10 Years Anniversary

Kali Linux 2023.1 Released: Celebrating 10 Years Anniversary.

Kali Linux 2023.1 has been released , which is also the tenth year of Kali Linux.


This release introduces a new Kali Linux flavor called Kali Purple, this series of flavors focuses on defensive security and the ultimate SOC In-A-Box architecture, designed for learning, practicing SOC analysis and threat hunting, security control design / Designed for testing, and provides hacker vs hacker competitions, as well as protection support for small and medium environments.


Kali Linux 2023.1 Released: Celebrating 10 Years Anniversary


Kali Purple comes with more than 100 defense tools such as Arkime full packet capture analysis, CyberChef network Swiss army knife, Elastic security information and event management, GVM vulnerability scanner, TheHive incident response platform, Malcolm network traffic analysis tool suite, Zeek and Suricata Intrusion Detection System.


Kali Linux 2023.1 also brings brand new themes, including new wallpapers for the desktop, login screen, bootloader, and bootstart, and a new variant of the Kali Purple-style theme.


This release also ships with some of the latest GNU/Linux technologies, including the Xfce 4.18 desktop environment, Linux kernel 6.1 LTS, Python 3.11, and KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS as an optional desktop environment when installing Kali.


Additionally, this release includes new security tools such as Arkime full packet capture and analysis, CyberChef cyber swiss army knife, DefectDojo application vulnerability management correlation and security orchestration tool, Dscan nmap wrapper, and Redeye data manager.


Kali Linux releases for mobile devices: Kali NetHunter has also been updated to support the Motorola X4 with LineageOS 20 and the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G with OneUI 5.0 (Android 13), as well as providing full support for the LG V20 running LineageOS 18.1.


Among other adaptations, Kali ARM now runs better on Radxa Zero SBC, Debian’s non-free firmware repository has been added for fresh installs, dmesg is unrestricted by default, and root is no longer required to run bindings to Ports lower than 1024.


Kali Linux 2023.1 is now available for download from the official website in various editions for ARM, VM, cloud or mobile platforms.


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